New tracks added to our general rotation on Milano Lounge Radio

Dear Listeners,

I hope that in this dramatic moment of lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Milano Lounge Radio will bring you some serenity and help you spend your day.

Finding myself with much more free time than usual, I am spending the days listening and selecting new tracks to add to the musical rotation of Milano Lounge Radio, as always in line with the radio format: Chillout, Lounge, Deep House and Electronic Music.

And, as always, in line with the claim of the radio, which reads “Sophisticated sounds from the heart of Milan, from my heart, for you“.

The archive of the tracks in our general rotation has exceeded 800 pieces, the music does not stop, the music unites us even in this moment in which we are – necessarily – distant.

All the songs are chosen by me independently, there are no algorithms or pressure from investors or record companies, since Milano Lounge DOES NOT HAVE ADVERTISING.

I would like to thank all those of you who have written words of comfort and encouragement to thank me because I keep them company on the radio.

Many also made a donation, to help me cope with the living costs of the radio (primarily the broadcast servers which have become very expensive).

Someone even sent me videos to show me how the whole family listens to Milano Lounge Radio and this direct line with you listeners is worth more to me than money.

I’m honest, when I inaugurated Milano Lounge Radio in 2015 I didn’t expect it to be so successful. Sure, it took 5 years, but I’m very happy and satisfied.

It’s nice to know that the listeners are attentive, many have also suggested new pieces to include in the musical rotation.

I also take this opportunity to thank our Djs, who every evening at 6 pm offer their DJ Sets and shows from all over the world: Michael Maretimo, DJ Stefan, Francis James, Stevie G, Marco Esposito, Swamy DJ.

Milano Lounge Radio will continue to spread only good music, with unlimited free streaming on all devices. Keep following Milano Lounge Radio, writing to me and making donations. No amount is too small or too large when it comes from the heart.

Thank you all,



Welcome to the new Milano Lounge

Milano Lounge, the most listened to online digital radio in Italy*, offers now  its unlimited free streaming in HIGH DEFINITION HD.

All tracks are carefully chosen, one by one, by Italian DJ & Producer Roberto Bocchetti, to create a musical journey with a unique atmosphere, ranging from Chillout sounds, Lounge,  Deep House & Electronic Music, WITHOUT ADVERTISING.

Milano Lounge Radio HD HIGH DEFINITION is only available online on this site!

*=398,001 Unique Listeners in 1st Semester 2020 (January-June 2020)



CLICK HERE and listen to Milano Lounge Radio HD
CLICK HERE and listen to Milano Lounge Radio HD


Milano Lounge is financed by Roberto and our listeners, via PayPal donations. Help us stay online commercial-free. Thanks for your support!



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